mise en cache dans kodi bonjour quand je regarde la tele avec kodi il y a en haut a droite une mise en cache ca me coupe le programme et du coup comme ca le fait toute les dix seconde je ne peux rien regarder tranquille si vous avez une solution je veux bien car c'est pas possible

Cache files are one of the major cause for most of the Kodi errors. So to fix most of the errors we need to clear cache on Kodi. It can be cleared with the help of maintenance tools. In this article, we have explained 3 working maintenance tools to clear Kodi cache. Download Simple Cache Module 18/3/30, 114 sources - An addon by marcelveldt (Other) KODI ADDONS CLUB v1 Toggle navigation ☰ What is Kodi? What is this site? How to install addons? Other. Module plugin. Was this Addon misclassified? It should be in this category: TV/Movies Streaming IPTV News Replay Misc. video Music Anime Kids Sports Adult Content Skins Repositories Subtitles Other. Back to I have used Kodi with seren combined with real-debrid, trakt and a netflix looking skin like titan bingie MOD or aura mod for a while. I recently stumbled on the TV Zion app. At first, the fact that you needed to pay to use all its features with a Zion club made me wary (1$ a month), but after jumping in, I could never ever go back to a Kodi setup. Now, click Clear cache and Delete provider> Click Yes> ‘Complete process’ message will appear. It is an easy way to clear cache in Kodi. 5. By using direct manual method. To clear cache in Kodi, you will need an archive. If not, you cannot clear cache in Kodi. If you want a … 07/03/2017 In case you are facing buffering-related issues on Kodi, the best solution is to clear cache on your Kodi. So, here are few methods on how to clear cache on Kodi.Absolutely there is no issue in clearing the cache to fix Kodi not working. Clearing the cache will free up some space letting few other Kodi add-ons to use to generate a buffer for video playback. Download Common plugin cache 17/10/17, 220 sources - Common caching api for xbmc plugins. (TV/Movies Streaming) (TV/Movies Streaming) KODI ADDONS CLUB v1 Toggle navigation ☰

ANDROID APPLICATION CACHE. If a user uses KODI on an Android device, a user needs to clear the application cache folder every time. However, the files inside the folder can become corrupt. if you erase the cache using some cache cleaning facilities, KODI will automatically replace the files with new ones when you load KODI next time. 4.IMAGE CACHE

5 Jun 2017 How to set zero cache setting in Kodi and what does it mean? Installing Easy Advanced settings program addon. All-new Fire TV with 4K Ultra  9 Apr 2016 How to maintain your Kodi, how to clear your Cache, how to set up Zero Cache, and how to just deal with Buffering. Please Subscribe Happy 

Über die Zeit wächst der „Cache“ auf mehrere hundert Megabyte an, was Festplattenkapazität kostet und zwangsläufig auch auf die Performance von Kodi schlägt. Cache und lokale Informationen löschen. Von Zeit zu Zeit solltet ihr den Kodi Cache leeren, damit das Dateisystem nicht unnötig wächst und die Performance ausbremst.

Aqui vou mostrar, passo a passo, como limpar a cache do Kodi. O processo de eliminar a cache no Kodi, apesar de ser algumas vezes necessário, não é imediato. Este necessita de algumas etapas que são explicadas neste artigo. Vamos então ver como eliminar a cache do Kodi, para otimizar e aliviar tanto o Kodi como o equipamento que o corre.